Fashion and morals – how fair is our clothing?

Sustainability, social and environmentally friendly technologies in the European fashion industry are the focus of this year’s Next Generation Award. Model and actress Barbara Meier is ambassador of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development for fair and environmentally friendly fashion and this year she is the patron of the European Next Generation Award.

“After oil production, the textile industry is the biggest polluter worldwide”, said the 32-year-old ambassador in Vienna. “Unfortunately, consumers are not yet ready to recognize these dimensions and reverse the dangerous trend of buying a garment just for one occasion. Textiles are not a disposable product.” The problem is not the fault of one individual, but rather a rethink by everyone. “Every little step helps to protect the environment.
I am therefore very happy that this year the European Cultural Forum is awarding its Next Generation Award for founders and newcomers in the European textile and fashion industry who are committed to sustainability and the promotion of social and environmental standards,” said Barbara Meier.
Alongside Barbara Meier, Michael Lameraner also recognized the great task of the media industry, in which the editor-in-chief and publisher is himself an important voice with his magazine STYLE UP YOUR LIFE! Nobody else reports on this at a fashion show, but we would like to deal with the topic more concretely”. For this it is partly also necessary, on the narrow ridge of advertisement financing, to reject a project from time to time. The internationally renowned fashion designer Eva Poleschinski emphasized that for her creations, which in principle can be combined, only production sites in Austria are considered and that local materials are also preferred. “Fair Fashion must become a trend, there is no alternative, because we are all responsible for our planet and our climate. The numerous fashion design students from the Vienna School of Fashion and Clothing Technology who attended the discussion event were already sensitised to the topic in everyday school life, said host and director Professor Johannes Töglhofer. Following the discussion round, the students presented their own creations made from sustainably produced raw materials. The top-class European Cultural Award Gala is presented by HALLMANN HOLDING International Investment GmbH.
The application period for the European Sponsorship Award Next Generation has already begun and ends on 15.09.2019. The awardee of the Sponsorship Award Next Generation will be presented with the award personally by the patroness Barbara Meier on 20 October 2019 in the Vienna State Opera.
Foto © Karolina Golab

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