Can start-ups revolutionize the school system?

Under the motto “with digital education to success” are wanted for this years European Promotion Award Next Generation the best start-ups and project initiatives for the digital classroom 4.0. “The pandemic has served as a burning glass”, says Bernhard Reeder, chairman of the board of the European Culture Forum. “It takes a lot of great ideas, to integrate digital media more into lessons.”

In this year model and actress Barbara Meier also fulfills the role of the patroness: “success, especially in the field of media, is often characterized with attributes like charisma or a good appearance. Almost always there is ja great amount of self-discipline and willingness for life-long-learning behind it”, is Barbara Meier sure about that.
The jury of this year’s Promotion Award consists of experts in the field of computer science, economy and education. Stefanie Kreusel, corporate representative for digital education and school at the ‘Deutschen Telekom AG’ supports the selection procedure. The ‘Telekom’ sees the digitalization of the german educational system as a component of their social responsibility. Jury member professor Alexander Lasch, german studies professor at the ‘Technischen Universität Dresden’ and german studies youtuber with over 3000 subscribers, explained way before the pandemic the history of old german online. Furthermore, bring their expertise in: headmistress Sandra Gockel of the ‘Ehrenfried-Walther-von-Tschirnhaus’ grammar school in Dresden, which is well known for their outstanding infrastructure. Matthias Hundt, founder of the company ‘Sachsen Digital Consulting’ has specialized with his company on the implementation of the ‘DigitalPakt Schule’.
Klemens Hallmann, founder and sole owner of ‘HALLMANN HOLDING’ presents as main sponsor the European Cultural Award since 2019. For him it is a great concern to engage in the next generation and to invest in education, training and quality of work.

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