World premiere in Zurich!

On September 24th, the Toten Hosen will play one of their world hits together with the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra for the first time in the Tonhalle Zurich: "Alles aus Liebe" from their current double album for the 40th stage anniversary. The world-famous rock band with their lead singer Campino is not only looking forward to being honored with the European Culture Prize, but also to the unusual collaboration: “We decided on 'Everything out of love' because this is one of the pieces that form our foundation. We want to discover new colors in this song together and let it shimmer in other facets.”
The famous German rockers not only receive the award for their unique musical career, but also for their great commitment. In society, they show their colors, make themselves heard and take a clear stand against xenophobia, racism, right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism. With this award, the jury of the European Culture Prize honors the decades-long and diverse commitment to more compassion, social cooperation and against exclusion, intolerance and populism.

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