Call for best founders, innovative startups and project initiators
in the field of digital classroom 4.0.
Call for entries for the European Promotion Award Next Generation 2021 opens.
Sensitive to noise, this silence was the result of a worldwide pandemic. But it was precisely this silence that gave the whole of Europe a crucial question for the future, for which there will not be just one answer.
The Covid crisis acts like a burning glass on social challenges and directs the focus on the different educational systems in Europe. How can education in schools work without problems if not everyone can sit in the same classroom? While some schools in Europe are stuck in the analog classroom, elsewhere there are already laptops instead of books, smart boards instead of chalk. Yet networked schools, virtual classrooms, adaptive learning and digital learning concepts can improve school instruction, increase learning success and make more efficient use of limited teaching capacities. Digital education is so much more than bringing technology into classrooms.
The European Promotion Award Next Generation 2021 is dedicated to the digital transformation in our schools. It is intended to initiate a debate about the common future of education and teaching in our European society.
The Promotion Award Next Generation is a competition for startups, young entrepreneurs, project initiators and founders to apply with their technologies, projects and innovative learning concepts that advance digital learning in our classrooms. Conditions of participation
Apply here or nominate founders and/or project initiators.