1. Thoughtful use of innovative and digital media in the learning environment

  • Creating learning experiences through innovative, technology-enabled, and forward-thinking approaches.
  • Use of innovative learning environments.
  • Originality of concept, i.e. own development of products/applications/concepts with clearly recognizable own contribution in the implementation.
  • Use of novel technology-based pedagogical methods.

2. Integration into organization, company and educational institution

  • Integration into a possible overall concept (didactically, organizationally, consideration of possible stakeholders)
  • Integration of the concepts and products/prototypes in schools, universities or in the education-related context.
  • Exemplary linking of technology-supported learning or new ways of merging work and learning (corporate digital learning).
  • Contribution to the learning culture.

3. Consideration of media didactic aspects

  • Competence-promoting and learning goal-oriented.
  • Meaningful fit between subject-specific learning, learning with/via media and interdisciplinary competence acquisition.
  • Promotion of informal learning processes.
  • Integration of collaborative forms of learning, formation of learning groups/communities.
  • Involvement and promotion of an active role of the learner.
  • Easy transferability to everyday situations.

4. Address and handling

  • Addressing the target group in an appropriate way.
  • Involvement and motivation of users, e.g. through easy-to-use and self-explanatory techniques and tools.

5. Transfer potential

  • Successful concepts and solutions for multiple use of content. In schools, universities and other educational institutions, e.g. through offers in the land’s teacher training in consultation with the land institutes.