Europe needs renewal. Today more than ever, a broad social discourse on European values and goals is being initiated. How do we want to live in Europe in the future and how much freedom do we need? The aim of the association is to give active impulses to the lively dialogue between the European states and regions and thus to contribute to a cultural exchange in Europe that accompanies politics and promotes communication.
The purpose of the society is fulfilled by the realization of the following individual projects:

  • Planning and organization of the presentation of the European Cultural Award TAURUS
  • Organization of musical events and competitions that are used to promote young talent in the cultural field
  • Organization of conferences and events supporting European unification

Board of Directors
Bernhard Reeder
Business graduate

Sigrid Kühnemann
Karsten Kretzschmar
Sven Schubert
Owner „Schubert Steinmetz“ and stone sculptor
The company is based in Berlin and Dresden and operates exclusively on a non-profit basis.