European Culture Prize in the Telekom live stream

The European Culture Prize will be awarded this year in the Beethoven city of Bonn. On August 28th, cultural workers and artists will come together for the award ceremony in the Bonn Opera House. The gala will be moderated by the soprano Annette Dasch and the cultural journalist Axel Brüggemann, and stars like Katarina Witt, Nico Rosberg and Barbara Meier will also be there. (more ...)

European sponsorship award "Next Generation" goes to Finland

Innovations, entrepreneurial spirit and daring to try something new – that's what this year's competition for the European "Next Generation" award is all about. The best foundations, startups or project initiatives for the digital classroom 4.0 were sought. From a total of 21 applications from all over Europe, the Finnish company Curious Technologies from Helsinki won with its Speech robot Elias and wins the European sponsorship award "Next Generation" for digital education 5.000, which is endowed with 2021 euros. (more ...)

The highlights of the Beethoven anniversary

Before the big culture award gala takes place at the Bonn Opera at the end of August with the support of Beethoven Anniversary GmbH and as one of the final events of the Beethoven anniversary, it is worth taking a look back at the BTHVN2020 highlights from the years 2019 to 2021. (more ...)

Strong partners for culture

Especially in times of crisis in the unique cultural landscape in Germany, partners and intellectual comrades-in-arms are becoming increasingly important. The European Cultural Forum is therefore particularly grateful that despite the pandemic, the Vienna HALLMANN HOLDING, the main sponsor and presentation partner, has remained loyal to the European Culture Prize for the second year after the award ceremony in the Vienna State Opera was “an inspiring experience” and a “glamorous Gala” was, as Klemens Hallmann, a member of the Board of Trustees, emphasizes. He is also an entrepreneur and the main sponsor of the European Cultural Forum.
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We're ready to go – press conference on the European Culture Prize

Cast off for culture! One year after the postponement of the European Culture Awards Gala due to the pandemic, this year's European Culture Awards will be presented on August 28, 2021 at the Bonn Opera House. We look forward to great award winners and first-class artists. The host of the culture prize gala is the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, which has just been appointed UN climate ambassador, with its general music director Dirk Kaftan. (more ...)

Can startups revolutionize education?

Under the motto "Success with digital education", this year's Next Generation European sponsorship award is looking for the best start-ups and project initiatives for the digital classroom 4.0. "The pandemic served as a burning glass," says Bernhard Reeder, CEO of the European Cultural Forum. "It takes a lot of good ideas to integrate digital media even more into the classroom."
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Great honor for exceptional actor Tobias Moretti

The Austrian actor Tobias Moretti will be honored with the European Culture Prize on August 28, 2021 in the Bonn Opera House. Moretti is an outstanding actor and character actor. He is seen as a border crosser between the worlds of cinema, television and theatre. For years he was the defining face of the "Jedermann" at the Salzburg Festival. (more ...)

European Culture Prize 2020 in Bonn will not take place

The Beethoven gala planned for 2020 at the Bonn Opera on the occasion of the great Beethoven anniversary will not take place due to the current situation in connection with the corona pandemic. Together with our partners, HALLMANN HOLDING International Investment GmbH, Beethoven Anniversary GmbH and the Bonn Opera, a new date has already been found for the presentation of the European Culture Awards 2021. The culture award gala will now take place on August 28, 2021 in the Bonn Opera House.
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Sophia Loren gets a declaration of love

Flashbulbs and shouts of "Sophia, Sophia" accompanied the exceptional Italian artist to the Vienna State Opera. The audience later celebrated Sophia Loren and her life's work with standing ovations. Her son Carlo Ponti drew the peculiarity of the Loren, whose "legendary status is based not only on talent and professional dedication, but also on deeply human qualities." (more ...)

Gordon Getty honored for his unique commitment to culture

In an emotional laudatory speech, star violinist Daniel Hope honored American cultural patron and composer Gordon Getty: "Have you ever seen someone cry because they were listening to the music? One of those people, so sensitive, so dedicated, so completely absorbed in the sound?” His love belongs to classical music and he has also been supporting young artists and cultural institutions worldwide for decades. (more ...)

European culture award for social engagement

In her laudatory speech, Barbara Meier, wearing a Vivienne Westwood robe, paid tribute to the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who has been an environmental activist for more than 20 years and has initiated and supported a wide variety of campaigns. The Englishwoman also changed her life - with her numerous actions, with her loyalty to principles, with her fashion.
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